MBA (Masters in Business Administration) Programs Information

A Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) program is designed to boost your success in the field of business and provide you with an advantage over others in your area of expertise. It is important to ascertain whether this program is suited for you as it may be costly and time consuming. However, the benefits of an MBA degree are undeniable and will help individuals accelerate their careers in business management.

What is an MBA degree program?

An MBA degree is a graduate business degree program that is earned through traditional or online coursework in a business school. Apart from regular class work, often real world business challenges are imposed upon students as well. The objective of the MBA program is to educate and train individuals to handle different areas of management responsibilities within a company.

Features of an MBA Program

  • Teaches how business is conducted within the United States, as well as globally.
  • Teaches how to open and operate one’s own business venture.
  • Encourages innovation and creative thinking to discover new ways of conducting business.
  • Enhances your way of thinking to help you grow and develop your area of operation.

Benefits of an MBA program

According to a recent study by the Graduate Management Admission Council, an MBA degree results in a 40 percent increase in annual salary, depending on the current and future job position of the student. A graduate degree in business gives one the opportunity to gain expertise knowledge in a field so that they can better manage the business. It is expected that in the years 2011-2012 in the United States, the demand for MBA degrees with a concentration in Finance/Accounting, Healthcare and Information Systems is to rise sharply.

While most people confirm that obtaining an MBA degree accelerates their career and future success, others agree that they had better chances of finding suitable jobs after obtaining an MBA degree.

Types of MBA programs

  • Full time MBA programs are designed for those who have not entered the workforce yet and can dedicate their entire time to the completion of this degree. These programs are usually a one-year or a two-year degree.
  • Part time MBA programs are pursued by individuals who are already working full time or have other personal obligations that do not allow them to dedicate their entire time to the program.
  • Online MBA programs are once again designed for working individuals who want to pursue the program from home. These are self-paced and flexible, allowing time for work and other personal activities.
  • Executive MBA programs are for established managers and executives who wish to expand their existing knowledge. The programs are usually conducted over weekends or online.
  • Other Graduate Business degrees are other specialized Masters degrees that concentrate on a specific field in business such as Information systems, Finance, Accounting etc.

An MBA program is unarguably a step forward in the career of anyone pursuing business studies. Determining which program is right for you, the field of concentration and the time you are willing to dedicate to it will help you decide how to pursue and take advantage of this degree.

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