Masters Degree in Divinity (M.A.) Online Program

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A masters degree in Divinity online provides a detailed understanding of Christian theology. This program is more detailed and specialized than others masters degree courses. This formal degree confers on students the right to be ordained as a priest, pastor or the license to take part in professional ministry duties. Those students who can sense a higher calling, but are unable to attend college can take this program online. In North America, this degree is the first professional degree for pastors.

Types of M. A. Degrees in Divinity Online

An M. A. in Divinity online course may be offered in Pastoral Ministries (preparing students for a role as senior or associate pastors in churches), Christian Leadership (preparing students to lead people in their churches), Worship Studies (preparing students for pastoral duties as worship leaders), Theological Studies (preparing students for Christian ministry duties), Chaplaincy (preparing students for careers in old age homes, prisons, the military and other areas), Biblical Studies (preparing students to tackle ministry roles through the Old and New Testament readings)and so on. There are courses of different types to suit the interests of students.

How to Choose the Right M. A. in Divinity Course Online

While there are many schools offering an M. A. in Divinity online, do check for the accreditation of the school, so that your education is not a waste. Do remember that the leanings of your theological study should match with the kind of church you want to join, on completion of the course. Courses run by Christian schools are most preferred by churches. Financial aid is available in some cases, to ease the burden on students.

Course Duration

The course duration of an M. A. in Divinity online program varies from one school to another. Course duration varies from 72 to 106 hours of study, depending on the program. For example, an M. A. in Divinity (Chaplaincy) takes about 72 hours, with students being taught about types of chaplaincies, qualities required for successful ministership and so on.

Course Content

A student enrolled in an M. A. in Divinity course online is expected to have a good knowledge of biblical languages, church history, philosophy, evangelism, church growth and theology at the end of the course. Students are expected to understand the truths extensively, so that they can spread the faith. There are core papers in the course and electives that students may opt for. These courses promote understanding of the scriptures, development of ministry skills and personal development. In a world that is constantly changing, students also learn how to tackle changing societies.

While a Master of Divinity degree online is not absolutely essential if you want to join the church, this degree does help in understanding the religion better. Further, studying aspects of theology that you are interested in will help you reach out to the people more easily. At the end of this course, you should have developed skills to preach, extend pastoral care and lead the church congregation. Students will also be able to earn a competitive salary of about $35,000 annually at the end of an M. A. in Divinity program online.

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