Marketing Careers: All About Marketing Degrees

Like public relations, marketing careers are also becoming very popular choices among young college goers. The field of marketing is needless to say, very competitive and a marketing degree is a precious possession because it can set you apart from the hundreds of others marketing career hopefuls who are also hoping to break into this field.

Depending on the university or school you go to, you might receive a commerce degree or a business degree, with a marketing major. This degree will teach you the basics of the marketing professions, including but not limited to market research, strategising, marketing plans, budgeting etc.

Marketing Degree Programs

While most regular colleges offer marketing degrees; thanks to the advent of online degree programs, you can choose to pursue your marketing degree online if you wish. Marketing programs can be pursued as an Associate Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree or even as postgraduate and doctorate degrees.

An associate degree in marketing teaches you the basic skills of the world of marketing. It will take you about two years to complete the course and is a good starting point for a marketing career.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing goes into much more detail than an associate degree, and is about four years long. Once you complete your bachelor’s, you can pursue a master’s degree that might take one or two years to achieve and then even move on to the doctorate marketing degree program that can take four to six years to complete.

While a marketing degree is technically not essential for a marketing career, it is considered a very important asset. Most marketing professionals at least possess the very basic associate marketing degree, if not many more qualifications so you should seriously consider pursuing a marketing degree as well. Better qualifications coupled with experience can lead to you receiving quality job offers with excellent pay packets.

Careers In Marketing

A degree in marketing sets you up for a career in a very dynamic field. The field of marketing today is very different to what it was even five years ago. For example, online marketing professionals are receiving excellent pay packets these days while 10 years ago, very few companies felt the need for an online marketing expert. A marketing degree is therefore a good choice, and some of the career options available to you include:

  • Market researcher
  • Marketing analyst
  • Online marketing expert
  • Brand marketing
  • Marketing and PR specialists
  • Marketing consultants
  • Account Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Advertising

These are just some of the options available to you. Do some research and you will find a number of other opportunities are available to graduates with marketing degrees.

Marketing is an interesting and ever changing field and if you like the thrill of it and enjoy a creatively and intellectually stimulating career, then a marketing degree is perfectly suited for you.
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