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Information Technology has certainly grown by leaps and bounds. Most of the technology that we are benefiting from now would have been virtually unknown a decade ago – and it seems the gap is still increasing. It’s still a wonder which IT job has staying power and will be stable over time. Here are 5 IT jobs to consider, complete with online programs you need to take.

IT Job #1: Computer Programming

Almost always, whenever people speak of IT jobs, most would think that it’s a job related to computer programming. That’s partly right of course, but to make things clear, computer programming is an IT job that’s specifically focused on the development of computer applications for business systems, manufacturing processes, and actually, anything under the sun. Those who want to start a career in computer programming could enroll in IT degree programs majoring in computer science, information technology, or software engineering. Folks could also take a Masters in Computer Science degree if they are career shifters.

IT Job #2: Systems Analysis/Business Analysis

Managing information systems is definitely important to today’s fast-paced business environment. Computer systems consultants are employed by companies to maintain their information systems, keeping their business functions running smoothly. This kind of responsibility is usually borne by people who have years of experience in the field of information technology, making it one of the highest positions to take in the field. For those interested to work as business analysts, they could take up grad studies in computer science or information technology.

IT Job #3: Database Administration

The same importance placed in business systems is usually attributed to the management of information databases. Even small companies would require some form of database administration, thus proving the high demand for database administrators. They are responsible for keeping data safe and for ensuring that data could be retrieved easily. Due to the responsibilities of such a job and the long hours, it’s also one of the highest-paying IT jobs. Those who want to work in this field are suggested to take either online bachelor degrees or graduate degrees in information systems (major in database administration) or take certificate programs in specific database languages. It would also help for them to take additional accreditation so that their marketability is kept high.

IT Job #4: Web Development

Most things today can be done on the Internet and we have web developers to thank for. Essentially computer programmers who specialize in web applications, server programming, and network solutions, web development is also one of the most recession-friendly careers today. Web consulting is also a great career path to take, enabling people to build their own businesses through contract work. Those who are interested in a career in web development are suggested to take online degrees in information technology majoring either in web development or web administration.

IT Job #5: Mobile Applications Programming

The newest field in information technology, mobile applications programming deals with the development of software for mobile devices. In programming-speak, it’s all about learning write programs in Java, .NET, and other programming technologies that benefits the mobile gadget user. The way we see it, gadgets have really become more personal, and it’s the mobile applications developer who is responsible for this. Those who want to start a career in mobile applications could take either an online degree in computer science or information technology with a major in mobile applications development.

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  1. jonathon head says:

    I have a question instead of a reply. I wish to get a state job in forestry. I have become a bit intimidated by the fact that know one seems to be interested in an online bachelors or masters in the field of study. A tech school degree does not seem to be good enough either. The people that I have talked to want a university degree including one guy that has a tech degree. I am twenty six years old, married, have a family of three kids, and a home mortgage. I have a dead end job working for a large fishing resort for the last thirteen years and picking up and trying to go to a university and keeping all this togather does not seem to be obtainable. Is there some way a person in my shoes could go through the effort of getting a dgree in this field and get a job? I am not trying to be rude I am just a little frustrated about the reliabilty of an online degree and do not understand the differences completly. thank you

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