IT Jobs: 4 Interesting Online Programs for IT Jobs

Are you fascinated with information technology? If you are, then it is most certain that holding a job in this industry would perk your interest. Of course, you’d still need to enroll in the required IT degree before you could do so.  Here are 4 interesting IT Jobs that you could consider before you enroll.

Interesting IT Job #1: Information Systems Security

Information is a priceless commodity in today’s world; people live by it, and companies thrive by means of its exchange. Systems security is responsible for making sure that information is protected from unauthorized access and accidental loss, making it a very important field in the information technology industry. IT jobs in information security require rigorous training in network security, hacking and anti-hacking methods, systems analysis and social engineering.

If you want an IT job in information security, there are online programs which you could take to start your career. Be sure to look for Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Systems Security, Computer Security, or Network Security. Consequent online graduate programs are also available for those who want to take their education to a higher level.

Interesting IT Job #2: Computer Forensics

A technological application of forensic science, computer forensics is about analyzing criminal evidence found in computers and similar devices which include PDAs and smart phones. Aside from gathering evidence, they are in charge of figuring out the psychological profile of person based on what he puts on his device. Given that technology has really become personal, a ton of stuff could really be learned just from a single computer alone. Computer forensics experts are also called in to reconstruct devices that were destroyed by either accidental or intentional means.

An IT job in computer forensics could start with an online program in Information Technology majoring in computer forensics, or systems forensics. Both undegraduate and graduate programs are available for the major, increasing the options for would-be computer forensics experts. It’s one of the emerging crime scene investigation degrees, so be sure

Interesting IT Job #3: Health Informatics

A marriage of healthcare and information technology, health informatics is an IT field which deals with the storage, retrieval, and maintenance of information related to healthcare and medicine. Given the preponderance of data in the healthcare industry – drug listings, patient records, clinical guidelines are just some examples – the need for establishing a governing technology is certainly something of prime importance.

Those who want an IT job in health informatics would do well to have a medical background first before applying for a separate online IT degree, making it a perfect career path for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel. Finishing an Information Technology degree majoring in health informatics, healthcare informatics, or bioinformatics complete the initial formal education of the health informatics expert.

Interesting IT Job #4: Technology Management

A field intersecting with business administration, technology management usually refers to the management of technological research and innovation in government, corporate, and educational settings. Those who work in this field are usually responsible for maintaining the cultural efficacy of technological work so that everyone could benefit from it. It’s a field that is dominated by think tanks and corporate research.

Online programs in Information Technology with a focus on Technology Management are the usual choices for students, but there are also Business Administration degrees which refer to the same subspecialty. Both programs will be well-equipped to train students in the field so choosing would just be a matter of preference. Of course, an Information Technology would be more engineering-intensive than a business degree, so do factor that in when you finally choose an online program.

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