How To Avoid Plagiarism – Online Distance Learning Program

Plagiarism is becoming increasingly rampant and as online distance learning programs are largely about unsupervised study, it is an important concern. Very often online students are not aware that they are plagiarizing and it is therefore fully understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid plagiarism in a distance learning program.

Student Plagiarism In Distance Learning Study

Student plagiarism is not just a problem with distance learning study courses but happens in real world classrooms as well. With the increasing availability of information, especially due to the internet, student plagiarism is on the rise and sometimes the students are not even aware they are doing it. It is important that distance learning program institutions educate students about how to avoid plagiarism or punishment will just seem unfair.

There has been a rise in online student plagiarism in online learning programs especially because several students assume information gathered on the internet need not be cited or referenced, but this counts as plagiarism too.

Online College Plagiarism And Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism detection software is easily able to check for plagiarism these days and some assessments for online distance learning programs are now being automatically run through the plagiarism detection systems to discourage academic dishonesty. More and more reputable online learning institutions are incorporating plagiarism detection systems to prevent online college plagiarism and encourage online students to study for their courses, much the same way as a regular college-going person would.

Tips To Avoid College Plagiarism And Academic Dishonesty

Student plagiarism or academic dishonesty is plain and simple cheating and must be avoided at all costs.

  • If you are new to the academic world or not sure how to avoid plagiarism, consult your teachers and professors for homework help and learn how to avoid college plagiarism.
  • When quoting or paraphrasing others, it is important to reference the sources correctly or it will be regarded as academic dishonesty. Learn the reference style used by your online distance learning school and use it for all your assessments.
  • Where referencing is not necessary, all quotes should be properly attributed to avoid plagiarism in your distance learning program.

Punishment For Academic Dishonesty In Online Learning

The punishment for academic dishonesty in offline and online learning is not uniformly strict, much to the delight of many who regularly practice plagiarism. If college plagiarism is detected for the first time, the student is usually warned and guided about how to avoid plagiarism. Some institutions believe knowing what constitutes plagiarism is common sense and therefore academic dishonesty is likely to earn the student a fail grade rather than an A+! Repeated student plagiarism could result in the student being expelled from the distance learning program as well. Plagiarism detection and punishment for academic dishonesty is dependent on the individual online distance learning school and while the better ones take it seriously, some of the smaller schools that offer distance learning programs do not take plagiarism as seriously as they should.

The foolproof answer to the question, “How to avoid plagiarism?” is simply to cite everyone you quote or are “inspired” by. This will not diminish the credibility of your work, but in fact will prove to your online distance learning teachers that you are well read and can adequately quote and reference knowledge experts.

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