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Horticulture can provide a rewarding career for those who which to study this science at a competent educational institution, whether online or at a bricks-and-mortar school. A certificate or degree in horticulture may be the ticket to a securing excellent employment in a vital field.

What is horticulture about?

Horticulture is the science of cultivating plants. Horticulture differs from agriculture because agriculture involves large-scale growing of plants (farming) while horticulture implies smaller-scale gardening. Also, agriculture is usually focused on producing only one or two crops, while horticulture usually involves producing several different crops.

Horticulturists work to propagate (start) plants as well as to cultivate (grow) them. In addition, horticulture involves breeding to improve plant characteristics, and genetic engineering as well as plant biochemistry and physiology.

Where to study horticulture?

A person suited for a career in horticulture will generally be a lover of plants and may have an intense curiosity regarding plant life and how plants grow. Such people often come to a career in horticulture after first working in a nursery, greenhouse or farm. To study for and successfully complete the requirements of a horticultural course, the prospective student must first carefully research and assess the educational programs available as online training or through traditional colleges.

Accredited Horticulture Courses

It is critically important to ensure that the horticultural program is accredited. Accreditation means that a particular school has been reviewed by an accrediting body in order to ensure that quality education is being provided. The accrediting body will differ depending upon whether the horticulture course is being taught by a
bricks-and-mortar institution or by an online school or other distance-learning method like correspondence courses.

In addition to specialty certificates which demonstrate learning or competency in certain niches, most horticulture programs offer academic degrees such as the Associate of Arts in Horticulture, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Bachelor of Horticultural Science, and Master of Science in Horticulture through various doctoral degrees. The student should carefully consider his or her career objectives, finances, and time commitment when deciding upon a horticulture program.

Distance-Learning Horticulture Courses

Although much horticultural education is conducted in bricks-and-mortar schools since a practical element is required, with modern high-speed internet communications, it is now possible for education to occur on a platform which allows the student to set his or her own time schedule as well. Without any need for face-to-face meetings between students and teacher, distance-learning programs such as correspondence schools and internet-based platforms allow the student to learn horticulture no matter where the student is physically located.

Career in Horticulture

The reasons for studying horticulture are as varied as the students themselves. Some students come to horticulture because they are truly “plant people,” and others believe horticulture has great power to improve human society because the practice of cultivating plants is central to the issue of resolving global hunger and other social, political and economic issues.

Many people believe that global “food security” is best achieved by increasing overall awareness of plant cultivation and by teaching horticulture as widely as possible. In other words, if more people study and learn about horticulture, more food will be produced and the global standard of living will be increased. A degree or certificate in horticulture, whether earned through distance learning or in a bricks-and-mortar school, offers the serious student an opportunity to earn a excellent living while helping to save the environment.

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