Homework Help: 3 Interesting Ways to do Homework

Homework will always be an inevitable part of school life. Time in the classroom is just too short to cover most topics, and there is always a need for us to reflect on what we have learned. Doing homework is a way for exam preparation, giving us more time to digest what are currently studying. We could also improve our study memory easier because, in effect, homework helps in recalling a day’s worth of topics without being too much of a bother.

But though the benefits of doing homework are unmistakable, acquiring the study habits needed to do it can be a chore for most people. Sometimes, we’d just want to finish it just for the sake of having more time for other, more interesting, stuff. But what if we make doing homework interesting in itself?

One way of making homework interesting is to use think in ways that are different from how the material is presented. Ever heard of the phrase thinking to learn? In a similar manner with which we could make writing lecture notes more interesting, here are 3 ways we can make studying a lot more engaging:

Teach it to a five-year old. Or at least imagine it. Try to study the topic so that you could use your own words to explain it in terms that a kid would understand. What’s the meaning of recession or how would you define calculus in a nutshell? Your actual output might not be as kid-friendly as a grade-school teacher’s explanation, but the exercise itself would help you understand the topic more. More than a teaching technique, it’s actually a study strategy that you employ for yourself. Also, it helps to know that those who are actually in the know (i.e. the experts) are actually well-equipped to explain what they are good at in simple terms, as opposed to people who just parrot definitions and use jargon. Keep things simple.

Draft a how-to video about the topic. A short video, or any kind of script will do actually; the point of this exercise is for you compile what you know or understand about the topic and to try to present it as if you’re going to present a video presentation of it to a large group of people. Are you studying algebra? Make a script about how to recall the simplest factorization procedures. Again, it’s not about the product, it’s about putting your thinking cap on and looking at the material in ways that are not usually done in the classroom. This could also be an interesting project for you to take up even after the class is finished.

Tell its story. The history of any domain of knowledge is always rich in detail and it makes it more interesting to know the facts leading up to it. Studying psychotherapy? Read the chronicles of Freud and Jung then draft a short story out of what you read. Studying classical mechanics? Chalk up a bit of Isaac Newton as you are doing your homework. There are a dozen ways to really soak up a particular topic, and this exercise actually helps you in attaining that mindset. Remember, a topic is really not boring in and of itself – we only have a bored person.

Thinking makes one more probable to remember something because we create different ways to anchor that knowledge to what we already know. Of course, there are many other learning strategies out there that we could follow. Have a favorite learning strategy? Be sure to share it in the comments page!

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