Exam Help & Skills: Examination Preparation Tips

Examinations are an important part of the educational process and therefore as a student, it is important you acquire some important examination skills. A few handy exam preparation tips can help you with your exam prep and study and ensure you come out flying colors.

Examination Help: Exam Prep Tips

  • Find out everything you need to know about your upcoming examination in order to prepare for it. Is it an essay exam or multiple choice questions? How long is the paper? How many marks is the exam worth? Questions such as these are very useful for examination preparation and full knowledge of the entire exam ahead of you will be good exam help.
  • One of the most examination preparation tips is reviewing past examination papers. This is an important examination skill that will help you understand the examination process for your course and give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Another useful exam tip that will help you in your examination preparation is to not only review these papers but treat them like real exam papers and use them to set yourself some practice exams. This exam study technique will help you manage time and prepare for the real exam with a real paper.
  • Exam study is very important but last minute studying does not help. Prepare for your exam in advance and avoid cramming. Exam help does not come in the form of cramming as much as you can because this will only make you more nervous.
  • Get enough sleep. This is said over and over again and it is absolutely essential as a clear mind will help you remember better.

Exam Day: Examination Help

It is the day of the exam and you might have read all the examination preparation tips possible, but you might still feel butterflies in your stomach. It is normal to be nervous on the day of the exam but try not to let that take control of you.

  • An important exam tip to remember is you must make use of your reading time. This is the period during which you get to read your paper, fully understand its contents and if your examination offers a choice of questions, then you must use the reading time to choose to answer questions that you are best prepared for.
  • Reviewing old papers and practicing exams will also help you to understand examination questions better – an important examination skill to acquire. On the day of the exam, read your paper well and then proceed to answer the questions in a systematic manner. Fully understand what the question is asking and answer to the point, without rambling on about details that are not required.
  • Time yourself well to make sure you answer all the questions in your paper.
  • Once you have finished writing your paper, another exam tip to keep in mind is to review your paper. Going over your paper one last time before you submit it might help you spot some errors you might have made while you were rushing through the paper the first time around.

Examination preparation tips are not complicated and with a little planning and organization, your exam study can be fully optimized so you have the best possible exam preparation skills to achieve the best results.


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