Engineering Programs – Online Engineering Degrees Levels

Engineering programs are some of the most popular degree programs at college. Students particular interested or good at science often opt to pursue engineering degrees as they can apply their scientific bent of mind in order to create and solve technical issues and problems. However, many willing and able students are unable to pursue engineering programs at college due to lack of time or financial constraints. For these students, online engineering degrees are a blessing in disguise as it helps them achieve the higher education degree of their choice even if they are physically unable to attend classes at college.

Depending on your level of education and your needs and interests, there are various levels of online engineering programs that you may be interested in. Each level equips you with different degrees of skills and they each prepare you to be an engineer, albeit at different levels.

Bachelors Online Engineering Degree Programs

If you are fresh out of school and considering an engineering career option, a Bachelor’s Engineering Program may be well suited for you. Like other bachelor degrees, this too is a four year program. During the course of this engineering degree you will learn the basics of the field of engineering and consequently commence studying in the engineering specialization of your choice.

Associate’s Online Degree In Engineering

An Associate’s Engineering Program is a two year engineering academic qualification which equips students with the knowledge and skills they require to work under the supervision of a trained and qualified engineer as a technician. Students interested in performing technical tasks and assisting with research are encouraged to pursue this level of online engineering degrees.

Masters Online Engineering Degree Programs

The Master’s Online Engineering Programs are in fact the most common degree options online. Most students pursuing engineering courses online are in fact individuals who are already working in the field and are looking to broaden their horizons with the help of an online engineering degree. A masters degree in engineering involves two years of studying and the online options help full time workers achieve additional qualifications while continuing to gain valuable work experience in the field.

PhD Online Degree In Engineering

A PhD degree in engineering is perfectly designed for those wishing to pursue engineering academia. It is definitely the highest qualification in the field. It does not involve any coursework but in fact demands additional research from the student who conducts independent research and study under the guidance of a trained mentor. Students ultimately present a thesis on a relevant engineering topic. PhD online engineering degrees are particularly useful for those considering a career involving engineering research or college teaching positions.

While engineering programs at the masters level are the most popular online, all the other levels of online engineering degrees are also offered at various online schools and institutes. It is advisable however to gain some practical work experience and hands on training before pursuing an online engineering program because the field of engineering is very practical and distance education may be hard for a newbie to the field.

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