Engineering Degrees : Top 5 Online Engineering Degrees

It is almost certain that most people who prepare for an online education have two reasons to their decision – either they want an easier way to shift careers or a more convenient way of upgrading their knowledge. It’s a competitive world out there and doing so might well be what one needs to take the lead.

Engineering is actually one of the most sought-after degrees in the professional market and it makes sense to devote popular online degree programs solely for engineering education. Here are the top 5 online engineering degrees that most distance-learning universities offer:

MS in Computer Engineering – Those who are interested not only in programming computers but also in building them might well take a closer look at online computer engineering degrees. Taking up computer engineering means undergoing a rigorous curriculum centered on computer systems engineering, electronics, circuit-board design and fabrication, digital signal processing, computer architecture and organization, digital logic, and embedded systems. Those interested in robotics and artificial intelligence might also go for taking up this online engineering degree. A whole spectrum of jobs ranging from research to computer systems architecture are open to graduates of computer engineering, and with today’s dependence on technology it may well be one recession-friendly career path.

MS in Electronics Engineering – A degree in electronics engineering means being able to come up with solutions towards engineering challenges involving signal processing, electronic communications, and semiconductor design. Electronics engineers deal with broad issues, and could be seen working at TV and radio stations, telecom industries, manufacturing, and research. A typical online electronics engineering curriculum would consist of courses that range from network communications, electronic devices and circuits, and control systems. If working with bare-bones electronic devices is more to your fancy then you might consider taking up an online electronics engineering degree.

MS in Electrical Engineering – The big brother of the top two online engineering degrees, electrical engineering focuses on engineering challenges that deal with broad-scale issues about electrical power distribution and design. Though those in this field might also dabble in issues concerning electronics (signal processing, telecommunications, circuit design) and computers (computer architecture and design), the practice of electrical engineering focuses more on the how’s and what’s of transmitting and distributing electricity. If electrical power interests you then an online electrical engineering degree might me more to your liking.

MS in Environmental Engineering – The number four spot is occupied by a field of engineering that focuses on the adaptation of natural resources for human consumption and the management of pollution. More as an application of geology, chemistry, biology, and ecology, environmental engineering tackles ways in which we could still be provided with the resources we need without adversely affecting the world around us. This means that an environmental engineer would be at the forefront of issues involving air and water pollution, waste disposal and sanitary engineering, and public health. Most environmental engineers would work in tandem with cities and corporations who deal with natural resources (i.e. mining, oil), and would also specialize in issues revolving around construction. If the environment holds a special place in your heart, then you might want to read more about online environmental engineering degrees.

MS in Biomedical Engineering – Last but not the least is the field of engineering that deals with the development and application of engineering solutions to problems of the medical field. Specializing in the design and construction of medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, biomedical engineers are schooled under a combination of courses that’s a mixture of chemical, electronics, and mechanical engineering, topped with a whole lot of physics and biology. If you want to deal with cutting-edge technology that saves lives, then an online biomedical engineering degree could be your cup of tea.

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