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Most people probably think that a teaching position is the only a career option for education – but nothing can be farther than the truth. Aside from teaching, you can also develop curricula, manage a school, or ensure that students have proper guidance. What education jobs are available out there? We’ll name five.

Education Job #1: Do you want to teach?

Of course, being a teacher is the number 1 among education jobs available. Since a teacher is responsible for educating a nation’s youth, teaching positions will always be in demand, making it one of the best online degrees for recession-friendly careers. Teachers could vary according to the content they teach (e.g. Math, Science, Gym, etc.) or by the kind of students they are teaching (e.g. Preschool, High School, etc.) expanding the options available for the would-be job seeker.

Being one of the most popular online learning degree programs, there are online graduate programs and certificates available for those who want to establish a teaching career. An MA in Elementary Education covers the requirements for applying for an elementary teaching accreditation, while an MA in the education of a specific subject (e.g. MA in Math Education) is needed to teach in High School. Some online schools also offer Certificates in Teaching but, depending on the state, the courses available might vary in credit. For international students, teaching units from online programs can be considered, provided that they ask for accreditation in their respective countries.

Education Job #2: Does teaching special needs children interest you?

The United States’ Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has created an unprecedented demand for special education teachers in the country. Similar initiatives are also seen around the world, necessitating the need for more special education teachers. If you’d like to take teaching to a whole new level, then you might consider an education job teaching special needs students.

Most online programs available offer something similar as the other teaching programs. An MA in Special Education suffices for most requirements before accreditation but be mindful that some school districts require a minimum amount of teaching hours before they consider an applicant. Some online universities also offer specialized degree programs in special education, focusing on gifted education, deaf education, and other subfields.

Education Job #3: Are you a psychology major?

If you’re a psychology major who is considering an education job, you’d probably be interested being an educational psychologist. Also one of hottest psychology degrees you could take online, educational psychology is all about the application of psychological methods to issues of learning and teaching. Together with guidance counselors, they are usually employed by schools to perform psychometric tests on students and to maintain the academic integrity of their schools.

An MA in Educational Psychology is available online, but there are also Masters in Science for Psychology programs that major in educational psychology. The difference in the two lies in the colleges they are housed in; usually, an MS Psychology degree is under the Department of Psychology while an MA in Education Psychology is under the school of education. Either program could be considered for an education job in educational psychology, just be mindful of the other employment requirements that schools might ask for.

Education Job #4: Is counseling your passion?

Guidance counselors are responsible for maintaining the well-being of students. They are tapped to manage students’ behavioral and social issues, instill and discover college and career options for students, and perform psychological evaluations for those in need. To differentiate them from the school psychologists, guidance counselors are more holistic in their approaches and are usually not concerned with matters of academic interests.

Online programs in Guidance and Counseling are offered under their respective MA degrees. Some people could also opt to take an online program in Clinical Psychology specializing in child counseling, but that’s a more specialized approach. Also take note that a Certificate in Counseling may not be appropriate for those who want to be school counselors because its program orientation is different.

Education Job #5: Does writing about school subjects interest you?

Curriculum development is another educational job that you could consider. Responsible for the development of curricula across schools, curriculum developers certainly have rewarding, albeit challenging, jobs. They are the ones who standardize the educational philosophies, content, strategies, and evaluations to create an effective school curriculum. This is the profession usually chosen by either by those who have a research background, or by those who have a strong grasp of a given subject matter.

Online programs in Curriculum Development are can usually be found as a major under an MA in Educational Psychology, as a subfield in an MA in Special Education, or as a sole Masters degree. Curriculum developers are usually employed by school districts or by organizations that have specific interests in education.

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