Is distance learning right for you?

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While distance learning does have a lot of advantages over traditional learning methods it is a way of learning that doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. The advantages of distance learning are numerous and if you have the right temperament then learning a new skill or taking that degree you have yearned for by distance learning could be an excellent choice.

People who have successfully completed courses and earned degrees by distance learning have a few characteristics in common, if you are thinking of taking a course or degree this way then take a look at the list below to see if any of these refers to you:

The successful distance learner doesn’t miss the elements associated with traditional learning

If learning and getting your degree is all you care about then you probably won’t miss other values that learning in school or college can have such as extracurricular activities. You will learn the same material by distance learning as you would in a classroom but you won’t have other people around you who you can seek guidance from, you will still have help should you need it for the course work you’re doing but in a different way. When studying by distance learning help will be provided in the form of email, chat rooms, forums or by telephone. If you are not afraid to reach out in this way then distance learning might be the right choice for you.

Successful distance learners can avoid all distractions

If you are the type who gets easily distracted and misled then maybe you should think twice about going for your degree this way, a successful distance learning student will be able to avoid distractions and put everything else but home studying out of their mind. Successful students will set aside study time and let nothing come between it, just as they would have to in regular study periods. If you are the type who could resist an invitation out during your set study period then distance learning could be the right choice.

Successful distance learners have excellent reading comprehension skills

If you were studying in school or college then you would learn by listening to lectures, taking notes and swapping notes with students, if you are learning from home then of course you are on your own. While some of the course work may be given via streaming video or audio a lot of your work will consist of text book reading and reading online. If you are a strong reader who can easily comprehend what you read and retain it then distance learning might be a suitable choice for you.

Successful distance learners do better without someone looking over there shoulder all the time

If you the kind of person who can set your own goals and can motivate yourself and get on with your work without continually being pressured to get on with it, rather than the type who needs constant reminding and encouragement then distance learning might be the right choice for you.

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