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Learning online or taking a course in distance learning can be an exciting prospect particularly for those who simply haven’t got the time needed to sign up for a class in a college or university, many older people are now taking a degree online or people in work are simply brushing up on new skills to further their career or hoping to induce a pay rise.

Whatever your reasons for turning to online education there are pros and cons to it as there is with just about anything. Before making your decision study the following carefully:

The pros

* You are virtually your own boss you can study whenever and wherever you want for however long you want.

* Your study time can be flexible, you can work around your lifestyle say for instance if you are a busy mum with children you could study during the hours they attend nursery or school.

* There are less distractions from other students than when attending a physical school or college.

* You will be able to take specialised courses in the topics which suit you.

* The costs of travel to a college or university could exceed those of the cost of the course.

* There are no social pressures which can be found in attending colleges and universities.

* You wont have to put up with unruly students or worry about bullies when learning online.

* You can study while in a present job, studying can be fitted in at break and dinner times.

* Many students studying online have been known to finish courses and earn their degree faster than those in traditional schools.

* There are numerous colleges and universities offering open coursework free, this can help you decide if a particular course could be suited to you before paying out to take it.

The cons

* You miss out on the fun things associated with colleges and universities such as prom, senior day and graduation.

* Some of the subject matter may be hard to complete without a teacher or tutor actually being present to give you advice on the spot.

* Many people cant commit themselves to the time needed to successfully get the degree when left to their own devices.

* Students can become withdrawn and feel isolated when not having the interaction of other students.

* The school you choose has to be accredited, otherwise your degree probably wont be accepted by businesses or universities.

* You can expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds on courses or programs which lead to higher degrees.

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