Distance Learning Opportunities – Online Studying for Over 40s

For a person over 40s, life can get quite complicated trying to balance work, family and a social life; so trying to fit in college classes into this schedule is an impossible task.

Why Distance Education?

As a student in your forties, it is unlikely that you will want to attend regular classes and lectures and this is why most continuing ed students prefer online studying. While some courses do require a few lectures and laboratory sessions to be attended, most distance learning courses only require independent study time with the help of course material, study guides,  CD-ROMS, interactive online courses and several other innovative methods.

Many older students often shy away from further learning due to the social pressure of facing younger students while attending classes and online education eliminates this pressure. Also, most distance learning opportunities do not have cut off dates for enrolment so you can choose to start your online course when it suits you.

Over 40s Distance Learning Opportunities

Continuing education for an adult student comprises of several degrees and courses with options varying from:

  • High School Diplomas
  • Associate degrees
  • College degrees (bachelors, masters and PhD)
  • Non-vocational programs
  • Workplace training
  • Personal enrichment courses
  • Foreign language programs

Online Studying For A Better Career

Continuing education for a better career is quickly becoming the most important reason more and more people aged over 40 are turning to distance learning opportunities. Career-specific online studying courses can teach you brand new tricks of the trade or equip you with the skills you need to make a career change.

Continuing Ed for Busy Professionals

If you are a busy professional over 40, attending classes is absolutely out of the question due to lack of time and online studying is the best option. Continuing education for busy professionals allows you to:

  • To return to an academic ground without the pressure of attending classes
  • Brush up on your skills for superior work performance
  • Learn at your own pace and comfort
  • Acquire new qualifications and skills

Distance Learning for Casual Learners

Continuing education for casual learners is made up of several courses and programs that allow an adult student in their 40s to learn new skills just for fun. Some popular distance learning opportunities are:

  • Foreign languages
  • Fitness programs
  • Cooking courses
  • Computer skills

Online studying is becoming an increasingly popular way to get a degree, a high school diploma or even a certificate for a career training program for continuing students aged 40 and over.

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  1. Patrizia Paba says:


    I’m looking into taking French lessons and am also considering Group Fitness programs . Do you have any suggestion for good online courses?

    Thank you.


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