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Learning by distance is not a totally new concept; it started as far back as in the first century. We were taught that the apostle Paul wrote to early Christian churches giving them instructions from a distance. This was actually the first recorded form of a type of correspondence or distance learning course. With today’s modern technology advancements of course distance learning has come a long way since then and now it takes full advantage of the technological advances of today.

Today we use a wide range of technology from computers and the World Wide Web to audio and visual software supplied online or by DVD-ROM, to bring both the student and tutor who are separated by distance together, giving them the chance to communicate in real time, which today is termed synchronous learning, or delayed time which is called asynchronous learning.

A new term has also sprung up, distributed learning, which describes the varied forms of technological supported learning systems that are currently available throughout the world today.

Distributed learning

The distributed learning programs, which include distance and online learning, offer an amazing and advanced approach to education. They are flexible and open ways of learning which also incorporate specially created resources and the best of traditional learning and teaching methods.

Delivery of courses and the materials with which the students will learn can be distributed worldwide which now brings education and learning in any ones reach, at anytime, in any place. Students can now learn at their own pace at a time to suit their lifestyle and their learning ability.

The good side to distance and online learning

* Students from every walks of life now have access to education.

* A wide variety of materials and courses are on offer.

* There are courses to suit all budgets, with some courses being free.

* Students can study at their own pace and not get left behind.

* Students can study whenever and wherever they want providing they have access to a computer and the internet.

* While having the free form choice of studying students also will be able to get help and support for their chosen course from trained staff supporting their chosen program.

* Students can choose a course which they are most suited for with their style of learning.

The downside to distance and online learning

* Some students don’t have the ability to get themselves into a routine and might not stick with the coursework.

* Some of the courses particularly those which offer a masters degree are very expensive.

* Students who are quieter might not fully understand part of the course work and be hesitant to email and ask questions.

* Some of the courses are long especially those which offer degrees, students who need pushing may not have the aptitude to complete them.

* Students could get themselves into deep debt if they go out of their league when signing up for an expensive course or program.

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