Disaster Management Course and Online Program

While it is important to be prepared as an individual, to deal with disasters that may strike you out of the blue, some of you may be interested in the field of disaster management and would like to further your studies in this area. Disaster Management takes into account the manner in which organizations work in a coordinated manner at the time of a huge disaster. Be it an earthquake or a terrorist strike, disaster management experts ought to know how to control and effectively deal with an emergency situation. This article explores online learning options in disaster management.

Qualification Levels

Disaster Management is offered as a certificate program online in most cases. Apart from this, bachelors and masters degree can also be sought online. This area has seen a growth in the last few years, thanks to widespread awareness about the efforts of rescue and relief workers in the aftermath of a disaster and the desire to serve society like them.

Is This Course Suitable for Me?

An online course in Disaster Management may be of interest to policymakers and professionals interested in disaster management and the challenges faced in this area. Eligibility for courses depends on the school one has opted for. Be sure that the programme you are signing up for has accreditation.

Course Content

Disaster Management takes into account the various challenges faced in this field. It tries to provide analytical solutions to these, so that students may be able to tackle disaster situations. Risks are evaluated and solutions proposed, fostering better thinking and preparedness for future disasters. Students are encouraged to think critically, engage in crisis action planning and countering terrorism, evaluate the roles of agencies and explore options of maintaining health and keeping hazards at bay. Not only does the course explore how to prevent disasters and respond to emergencies (by looking after the victims, ensuring safety from fire and taking measures to control infections), students are also trained to deal with the victims of a disaster. This ensures having an awareness of the victim’s psychology and ensuring that his sociological needs are met. Study in Disaster Management thus involves a theoretical evaluation of disaster and practical solutions that can help society recover from it.

Course Delivery Online

Students enrolled in a Disaster Management program online attend regular lectures and discussion forums. Case studies are provided to help them assess disasters. Experts and faculty members belonging to different fields such as public health workers, fire fighters, medical practitioners, emergency specialists, military personnel and so on interact with students and share their knowledge. Students engage in classroom discussions and work on projects together. This helps them visualize the roles of various agencies in handling a disaster successfully. Teamwork is of essence in this program.

Career and Job Prospects

Students can work with the government, assisting in preparing for disasters, after completing a degree in Disaster Management. Alternately, they can provide training to students, further awareness about this area, work in research organizations or work with public safety bodies so as to help in minimizing the risk to human life in the event of a disaster.

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