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Before pursuing an online distance learning degree, one of the most common questions that is asked is – “Is an online learning degree right for me?” This is a legitimate concern because people have different types of learning skills and while a regular learning in the classroom may be able to adapt to different learning styles, can distance learning study suit the different types of learners?

Types of Learners And Different Learning Styles

Different people approach learning differently and these are known as learning styles. There are three basic types of learning and depending on which type you are more comfortable with, the various types of learners are determined.

  • Visual Learning Styles – This is defined as learning through seeing and the types of learners with this style prefer to see a teacher or a tutor doing something and learn best through visual objects, images, observing. Also, due to their learning style they prefer to take long notes.
  • Auditory Types of Learning – These types of learners learn by listening and discussing the subject. Those who prefer auditory types of learning pay more attention to what a person is saying, their tone, pitch and other nuances of speech and written notes seldom hold much meaning for this learning style.
  • Kinesthetic Types of Learners – This type of learning is preferred by types of learners who prefer to learn by touching, moving, feeling and doing. These types of learners are also known as tactile learners and they learn better with a hands-on and practical approach to the subject. They are restless and would rather be out and about than be learning in the classroom.

Distance Learning Study For Visual Learning Styles

A person with visual learning styles is skilled at retaining visual information and can easily construct mental visual images, making them good at building puzzles, understanding graphs and charts, imagery, designing practical objects etc. If this is your learning style, your distance learning study might become easier if you use some of these tips:

  • Make charts
  • Use bright colors to highlight important text
  • Study in a quiet place
  • Make your own notes to make distance learning study easier.

Online Learning Degree For Auditory Types of Learning

Learners with auditory types of learning not only have good listening skills but usually have good interpersonal skills and often great memories too. Some tips to make it easier to study for your online learning degree are:

  • Read text out loud
  • Instead of writing notes, say them out loud and record them
  • Create mnemonics to help you memorize your distance learning study material better
  • If possible, dictate to someone while they write your notes

No Learning In The Classroom For Kinesthetic Types of Learners

Kinesthetic or tactile types of learners do not cope well with learning in the classroom, especially when it involves theoretical teaching. Online distance learning degrees with a practical bent are a good choice for those with this learning style as they have excellent body and movement skills and also respond to teaching better if they are allowed to learn from experience. Some tips that might be useful for you are:

  • Take frequent study breaks to keep your brain active
  • Move around often
  • Listening to music sometimes makes studying easier for kinesthetic types of learning
  • Walk around or stand when trying to memorize something

Unlike learning in the classroom, the benefit of an online distance learning degree is that you learn at your own pace and according to your own learning style. Use this to your advantage. While several studies have been conducted to determine the various learning styles for different types of learners, this is the most commonly used way of determining types of learning. Some online quizzes can help you determine the type or types of learning (some people are a mixture of two learning styles) that suit you best and you can then approach your distance learning study in a whole new way.

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