Criminal Justice Degree Online: Criminal Justice Majors

Whether you are inspired by Law and Order and Criminal Minds or whether it is simply a childhood dream come true, a criminal justice major is an excellent choice for a career and an increasingly large number of students are pursuing criminal justice degrees online. An online criminal degree makes for a very interesting course and also helps you make a career where you serve the public.

Major In Criminal Justice: Associate, Bachelors & Masters

You can choose to major in criminal justice with an Associate, Bachelor or Masters Degree. Most US law enforcement organizations require potential employees to have some sort of criminal justice degree. The Associate criminal justice degree online is the quickest way to complete criminal justice courses. For those interested in pursuing their criminal justice majors further, you can transfer your credits from your Associate program to a Bachelors Criminal Justice Degree Online.  A bachelor’s degree with a criminal justice major will make you eligible for higher paying jobs.

If you are interested in further education,  an online masters degree in criminal justice is a good idea. The highest levels of jobs in criminal justice will be accessible to you with a masters major in criminal justice, including a career in the FBI or the post of a police chief.

Types Of Criminal Justice Graduates

Criminal justice is a vast field and therefore criminal justice graduates have several online criminal justice courses to choose from. An online criminal degree could mean studying Criminology, Law, Psychology Criminal Justice or several other types of online criminal degrees. Choose a criminal justice degree online depending on what sort of career you are interested in. For example, if you harbor dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer, you obviously need a law degree with a criminal justice major.

Jobs For Criminal Justice Majors

The law and criminal justice field is vast and jobs for criminal justice majors are aplenty. By completing a criminal justice degree online, you are in fact potentially entering a recession-proof career as crime and justice officers are likely to be more in demand during an economic downturn. Popular jobs for criminal justice majors are:

  • Corrections Officers
  • Security Specialists
  • Attorney (with a law degree)
  • The FBI
  • Police and investigative officers
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Criminal psychology (with a psychology degree)

Tips For Criminal Justice Graduates

As criminal justice graduates, you will be playing a very important role in controlling crime within your community. As a result, those with criminal justice degrees online are expected to be of extremely good character with flawless criminal records.

  • Firstly and most importantly, avoid situations and people that might force you to commit crimes and risk your career.
  • Drive safe because even the smallest driving offence could go against you when applying for jobs for criminal justice majors.
  • Keep your credit report clean as poor credit reports show poor handling of financial responsibilities.

A criminal degree online is a very interesting and exciting choice and the number and types of jobs available to you are varied. Keep your criminal record clean and once you graduate with a criminal justice degree, you will be all set to make your mark in the world.


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    Thanks for informative post. Career in criminal justice is a good career opportunity for one who wants to make their career as a lawmakers, lawyers, political jobs, police officer, criminal psychologists, detectives and many more.

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