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Online colleges and schools are growing in popularity, especially due to the flexibility they offer, making them particularly attractive for the over 40s students. However when it comes to credit transfer, one wonders how the credit transfer system works. Does online college credit transfer work the same way as a real world university credit transfer? Are credits transferable between online and offline colleges? Here we have attempted to answer some of the basic questions about how to transfer college credits.

How To Transfer College Credits

Knowing how to transfer college credits does not have to be the work of a genius because credit transferring is simple if you know exactly how to use the credit transfer system.

•    Firstly, do your college credit transfer homework and choose an accredited university only.
•    Continue your research by checking out and confirming all important credit transferring dates and deadlines.
•    Check for limitations to transfer credits and choose a university credit transfer that allows maximum transferable credits.
•    Collect all relevant paperwork and transcripts from your present school so your new school can assess them and transfer credits.
•    If you need financial aid, contact your new university and confirm that you will still be eligible despite credit transferring.

Transfer Student Credits – Choose Accredited School

When picking a school or college, always think ahead. You may not want to transfer credits today but you might want to transfer student credits in the future. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you pick a fully accredited school or university. Accreditation is important because it means an acceptable accreditation agency has verified the quality of education offered by the university and therefore inter-college credit transfer is definitely a possibility. Without proper accreditation, credit transferring can be a difficult task.

University Credit Transfer – Limited Transferable Credits

Do your homework well before you pick a college to transfer to because sometimes credit transferring can be a complex process. Some schools have university credit transfer rules that will only allow you to transfer credits up to a certain limit, such as 50% of the course or 1 course per semester of study. These college credit transfer limitations vary from school to school and if you want to transfer credits up to the maximum, then make sure you study each school’s credit transfer system well, before you make a choice.

Statute Of Limitations To Transfer Student Credits

While some college credit transfer system place limitations on how many credits you can transfers, others place a statute of limitation on the time frame to transfer student credits. According to these school credit transfer systems, a student must be enrolled and make an application within a certain set date or risk losing their credit transferring eligibility.  Once again, do your homework and check the dates to transfer credits before you choose an online school.

Online University Credit Transfer To Real College?

Many students pursue distance learning courses as a stop-gap measure until they can get to a real classroom. For these students, it is of particular concern whether college transfer is possible from an online learning course to a real world course. If you are pursuing a course from an accredited online university, it should be possible to transfer credits to a full time college. However, it is best to get in touch with the school or college directly and ask them how their college credit transfer system works, how many transferable credits they will allow and whether it is possible to transfer student credits from the virtual world to the real world. As mentioned before, if it is an accredited course, this should not be a problem. The same is true for credit transferring from a real school to a virtual school – it is possible so simply ask your school what needs to be done. For example, Kaplan Univeristy readily accepts previous education and even military training and education when granting credit. (1)

Credit transferring is a good way to fast track your college degree as college credit transfer lets you skip the courses you have already done and transfer credits so you can pursue new courses and finish your degree soon.


(1) Transfer of Credits Online: Kaplan University

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