Corporate Communications Degree Online

With the growth of businesses around the world, communications is acquiring a bigger role day by day. Most companies hire communications specialists, to build the company’s brand and extend their corporate concerns throughout the business fraternity easily. Corporate communications experts are needed for both internal communication with employees as well as external communication with the rest of the business world. This article explores the options of studying corporate communications online.


A corporate communications expert is one who is easily able to reach out to people, using both traditional and new media. If you are drawn to communications, strategy building and logical thinking, this could be the right career path for you. Speak to acquaintances in the field and read extensively about this career prospect online if you are insure, before taking the plunge.

A bachelors degree in corporate communications online requires students to have a high school diploma. For students seeking a masters degree online, an honours degree is essential. Apart from this, as this is a degree in communications, students for whom English is not their first language must show good IELTS or TOEFL scores to secure admission at a good program.

Qualification Levels

Corporate Communications is offered at the bachelors and masters level online. The bachelors degree is offered either as a B. A. or B. Sc. degree.

Course Content

Corporate Communications takes into account aspects of mass communication, advertising and public relations. At the end of a course in corporate communications, students are expected to be competent in oral, written and digital communication. They are expected to be adept at using technological tools to further business needs. Course content varies from one university to another. However, there are some common elements found as discussed below.

Students of the bachelors course online are taught about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and new media. They learn about strategies to communicate, consumer behaviour and psychology, communication ethics, media law and communications history, so that they can reach out better.

A masters program in corporate communications is far more specialized. Students are taught about marketing, methods in media, political communication, research methods and so on. In some programs they have submit a dissertation at the end of the masters program.

Course Delivery

A degree in corporate communications online is an intensive course, with students learning through lectures and workshops. Experts in the communications industry are sometimes roped in for classes, to give the students some valuable advice and tips. Students are required to take part in coursework and some universities even contain an internship as part of the program. This internship provides hands-on experience and is a great starting point to the career.

Job Opportunities

After a degree in corporate communications, students can work as communications experts in a variety of fields. They can work with the government or in non-profit organizations as public relations managers, media relations experts and so on.

With the rise of frauds committed online, it is important to maintain the reputation of a company and corporate communications experts play a big role in this. While checking out the program for you, do remember to check the accreditation of the course.

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