Christian Degrees: 5 Online Programs in a Christian College

There are many ways in which a devout Christian could further his faith. He could do good works, do his daily devotionals, attend Bible studies, or go to church every Sunday. Online, a Christian could attend
Christian Colleges and learn much more about his faith through distance education.
Make the most out of your online education, and know more about the following Christian degrees:

Christian Degree #1: Associate of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Religion

A degree in Religion exposes a student to the fundamental principles of the Bible, Christian Theology, and Christian studies with the prime objective of equipping that student to spread the Word. Given the nature of the degree, students will be trained to develop their communications skills, with the expressed intent to use Biblical principles to guide their actions. Though it may lead to a life of ministry or church leadership, a degree in Religion is designed mostly  for those who would like to have a deeper connection with their faith.

Christian Degree #2: Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Christian Counseling

People need to feel understood, welcome, important, and comfortable – these are basic needs of a human being. Students of Christian Counseling are trained to fulfill these and more, all in the context of Christian principles and faith. The guidance given by a Christian counselor requires training in basic counseling, psychometrics, general psychotherapy, and Christian psychology, the courses of which are included in a Christian Counseling degree. For those who want to have a further hand at guiding people through their sorrows and challenges, a Christian Counseling degree would be a great choice.

Christian Degree #3: Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry/Leadership

A degree in Christian Ministry or Leadership trains people to become leaders of their respective churches. A church thrives through the faith of its members, and grows by means of the pastor’s leadership. Given this, it is necessary that pastors undergo a rigorous education that would hone the skills needed for their vocation. Aside from in-depth courses in theology and spirituality, students would also be required to take courses in leadership, management, and finance. Those who want to prepare for an online education in this Christian Degree should really expect hard training ahead.

Christian Degree #4: BA in Christian Studies – Youth Ministry

A bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies with a focus on Youth Ministry is an online program best for those who like to work with children and the youth. The Youth Ministry ensures that there will always be a next generation of leaders in the church, or at least key individuals that would make the church grow. Aside from courses in child psychology and group dynamics, students would also be required to take basic courses in counseling and teaching.

Christian Degree #5: BA in Biblical/Theological Studies

Those who want to devote their lives studying the Bible would benefit from taking a degree in Biblical or Theological Studies. No other degree focuses on the ins and outs of Christianity’s greatest book, and students are trained to work as future scholars of the Bible. They would be responsible for preserving the Bible’s history, and for maintaining theological knowledge for the future.

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