Chemistry Degrees: 3 Interesting Jobs from Online Chemistry Degrees

Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition, combination, and decomposition of matter. More than anything else, chemistry heralded the earliest advances in technology that made life a little bit easier. The building materials we use for our houses and the plastics that dot our households would not have come to being without the contributions made by chemistry.

As it is, innovations in the field would still continue and chemistry jobs will always be plentiful as long as human curiosity abounds. There are lots of online chemistry degrees available to start a career in the field. Here are 3 interesting fields of chemistry with online degrees:

Chemistry Degree #1: Biochemistry

The work of the biochemist spans two major scientific fields; biochemistry is the study of chemical processes in organic matter, or simply said, living things. Topics of interest include the chemical processes between individual cells, the interaction between lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids, and entropic processes in living matter. Biochemists’ endeavors usually intersect with that of biophysicists, computational biologists, and biotechnology researchers (also featured in our article on online biology degrees), that work with cutting-edge technologies probable to shape tomorrow’s future.

Starting a career in this field usually requires a graduate degree in biochemistry. There are online chemistry degrees with majors in Biochemistry or Biotechnology in which students could choose to enroll in. It would also help that one has taken an undergraduate major in biology before taking grad studies as the scientific field is fairly competitive.

Online Chemistry Degrees for Biochemistry:

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Degree: BS Chemistry

  • Graduate Chemistry Degrees: MS Biochemistry, MS Biotechnology, MS Chemistry Major in Biochemistry

Chemistry Degree #2: Geochemistry

Geochemistry is a physical science that focuses on the composition and chemical processes underlying the structure of the Earth and other planets. The research interests of geochemists usually span anything under and on the Earth’s crust, delving into the mysteries of rock and soil. Geochemists are also interested in the interactions between the soil and the atmosphere, using the data gathered to predict how other planets within and outside our solar system might also behave.

Future geochemists are suggested to first finish an undergraduate degree in Geology, Chemistry, or Natural Sciences; online programs in these majors are available. After that, students could enroll in a Masters degree in Geochemistry or Geology with a major in geochemistry.

Online Chemistry Degrees for Geochemistry:

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Degree: BS Chemistry

  • Graduate Chemistry Degree: MS Chemistry Major in Geochemistry

Chemistry Degree #3: Forensic Science

Science applied to criminology and legal needs, this is what forensic science is in a nutshell. Instead of just relying on witness accounts or interrogation, forensic science has made possible the apprehension of law offenders by means of evidence gathered and analyzed by forensic scientists. The spectrum of forensic science jobs is broad, requiring different sub-specializations in chemistry, physics, biology, and other scientific disciplines to provide support to law enforcement. Chemistry jobs in forensic science usually require intense attention to detail, efficacy in dealing with different chemical analysis, and a deep knowledge of the field.

Crime scene investigation degrees are fairly popular and have their online equivalents. Finishing the degree is not a walk in the park though, usually, the actual study requires some form of internship in a CSI unit or laboratory. Most programs are usually designed for those who do actual work in criminal justice, but it isn’t rare for a new student to start in this career. Given this, students who want to focus in forensic science should first study a physical science of their choice in college, and then take an online program in Forensic Science, Forensic Studies, and Forensic Chemistry.

Online Chemistry Degrees for Forensic Science:

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Degrees: BS Chemistry, BS Forensic Science, BS Forensic Studies

  • Graduate Chemistry Degrees: MS Forensic Science, MS Forensic Studies, MS Forensic Chemistry

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