Botany Degree Benefits of an Online Degree

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What Is a Degree in Botany?

A degree in botany trains students in plant biology. Students are taught about plants, right from the smallest organisms to the tallest trees. For those who are interested in plant systems, botany opens up the whole world of plants- their structure, systems of functioning and so on. Moreover, students interested in this field of study can pursue their education from the comfort of their homes (by enrolling for an online program), if they are unable to secure admission at a university nearby.

Qualification Levels

Courses in botany offered online are at the associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral levels. Classes are also offered for high school and continuing education students. It is hard to find associate degrees in botany online. Most degrees in this field offered as a distance program are at the masters and doctoral level.

Admission Criteria

Different universities have different criteria for a program in botany. Students are required to be eligible for the general admission criteria as well as expected to satisfy the course specific criteria. A basic understanding of biology is absolutely vital before furthering studies in this field. Further, students may be required to have some prior technical training.

Planning Your Course

While there are many colleges offering degrees in botany online, it is important to check the accreditation of a botany course before enrolling for it. Be sure that the course schedule is something you can stick to. Research about your course as extensively as you can, before enrolling for it so that you know what you are opting for. There are some tutorials online to help you make your choice. Visiting science museums and university life science departments is another way of knowing more about your field of study, before actually enrolling for it. If you are a student who is very meticulous, you may also plan your research project and share the idea with mentors who can guide you. All these efforts will surely help you choose the right university and program of study.

Course Content

A course in botany is expected to teach students about the ecology of plants, their roles in our lives, their life cycles and major processes, ways to manipulate them to achieve more outcomes and so on. Botany branches out into areas such as microbiology, physiology, plant anatomy, plant genetics, photochemistry, horticulture, forestry, soil science and other areas.

Course Delivery

The nature of the course delivery of a botany program online may vary. Students may attend lectures and classroom discussions online. However, there may be laboratory classes that you will be expected to attend on the site.

Career and Job Prospects

A degree in botany is quite coveted these days, not only because it opens up opportunities of further education but also because this degree can be utilized along with any other formal training you may have had earlier. Apart from teaching careers, a student of botany may also branch out into pharmaceutical companies, reserach areas, work in national parks and gardens and so on.

Botany is a subject that requires you to study plant life closely. Therefore, even after enrolling in an online program, you will still need to spend a sufficient amount of time outdoors, knowing more about plants. Be prepared for this commitment.

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