Best Online Degrees For Recession Friendly Careers

After spending 10 years in the U.S. Navy and without a military degree, Kenric Scarborough had trouble when it came to finding work in the civilian world. A article (1) discusses how Scarborough turned to online degree programs to beat the recession and come out on top. These are tough times and everyone is in search of recession careers that will help them earn a living. For many, finding careers in a recession means finding the best online degrees to add value to their resume in an increasingly competitive market.

Online Degree Program Or Job Hunting?

With job opportunities drying up, the question is, should one keep looking for work wherever possible or pursue education instead. While it is essential to keep earning a living, by pursuing an online degree program, an individual can better career prospects and find recession careers that will offer them opportunities for growth and better pay. Those without tertiary qualifications can take this opportunity to pursue the best online degree and increase their chances of getting a better job. Others can use this down time to complete an online masters degree for career growth and promotions. While not essential for a resume, by pursuing one of the best online degrees however, students might find corporate America less formidable.

Worst Hit Careers In A Recession

While a recession affects almost every sector and industry, some industries are hurt badly enough to qualify as the worst hit careers in a recession. The worst recession careers usually include

  • Real estate and related services
  • Retail business
  • Building and Construction industries
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Hospitality and Tourism

If it is your dream to pursue the best online degree available in one of these industries and make a career out of it, we are not saying forget about it. However, it would be wise to remember that employment might be hard in these industries at the present time.

Recession Proof Career: Best Online Degree Programs

There is no guarantee of foolproof recession careers but there are some online degree programs that stand out and in the current climate are being considered the best online degrees to pursue for good careers in a recession. Some of the best online degree programs are:

  • Health Care courses
  • Education and teaching degrees
  • Financial Services such as Accounting
  • Gaming and Gambling courses
  • International Relations and Politics
  • Degrees for government jobs
  • Legal services

These are not the only recession careers to consider but due to their relatively permanent need in society, they are considered the best online degree programs to pursue.  These careers in a recession provide a greater opportunity for growth and by pursuing online degree programs in related fields; students can acquire skills that will stand them in good stead irrespective of the state of the economy.
Recession friendly careers are not impossible to find but careers in a recession might offer more growth and satisfaction with a good online degree program to boot. If you are unsure about which online degree program is right for you, choose from one of the best online degrees and when you graduate, your education will give you an added edge over your contemporaries in the job market.


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