Basic Office Administration Software Online Training

In today’s business world, computers and information technology are the keys to success. For those who wish to have a career in any niche of the business world, it is essential to first learn to use basic office software in order to be able to conduct any sort of business operations using computers. Online training for basic office software, including but not limited to Windows Office software, offers students a cost-effective way to learn business software and therefore qualify for an exciting career in business.

Students who choose to receive online training for office software come from a wide variety of backgrounds — Many are already working in offices yet require training in specific types of software programs, while other students are less-experienced and will be entering the business office for the first time. In either case, online software courses provide the knowledge and skill necessary for a career in business.

Types of Software Training Available

Although software can be highly specialized according to its intended use in business, science, or industry, still there is a foundational group of software programs, usually combined together and packaged into office software suites, which are used in the average business office each day. These are the types of software programs which are taught in online courses for basic office software :

  • Word processors
  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphics
  • Database
  • Project management
  • Communications
  • Desktop publishing
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • E-mail client and server
  • HTML editor
  • Web log analysis
  • Groupware

A vast number of individual software programs can be learned through online software training. Among software training courses online, the most popular business software suites are :

  • Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Works
  • IBM Lotus Symphony, and Lotus SmartSuite
  • StarOffice
  • Adobe
  • Kingsoft Office
  • SoftMaker Office (available in Chinese, English, & Japanese)
  • WordPerfect Office
  • WPS Office
  • Breadbox Office
  • Celframe Office
  • Easy Office
  • iWork, Apple Inc.’s suite for Macs

Students who receive online training for basic software generally focus on learning one or more of the above suites of business software according to their own needs, or the needs of their employers. For example, companies often adopt new office software platforms based on or similar to the above software suites, and staff must therefore undergo training in these specific areas. So, staff usually participate in online training for basic office software in order to speed its company-wide adoption.

Flexible scheduling

Online software courses offer a way for busy students to mold their study schedules to fit their work schedules. Students in online business software courses may choose to complete their software training through part-time educational programs, or they may complete business software training more quickly through intensive study over a shorter period of time.

Career Outlook

Training in office software can open the door to an interesting career in the business office. The key to success in basic office software training is to take the first steps– You can begin to explore the possibilities of a career in the business office by contacting a knowledgeable educational advisor today.

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