Animation Education: Getting An Animation Degree Online

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If there is one character the whole world knows it is Mickey Mouse and it is all the result of creative Walt Disney animation. Animation started out simply being creative pencil and paper drawings but in 2009 it is much more than just that. An animation degree will teach students about the basics of animation as well as how to use computer technology to create animated characters and other animated effects on screen. If you are creative, the workings behind the screen fascinate you and you do not want to be limited to graphic and web design, then maybe you need an animation education.

Why Choose An Animation Career?

An animation career is for someone who is looking to use their imagination and enjoy a creatively stimulating job. An animation degree online can prepare students to make it in the competitve world of animation. There are many reasons one should pursue an animation education for an animation career, such as:

  • The most obvious one, if animation fascinates you, there is no better career than animation for you.
  • You can pursue an animation degree or simply complete a vocational education certificate course online. You do not necessarily need a college animation education for this career.
  • An animation degree is creatively challenging and is ideal for someone interested in a creative and imaginative career.
  • Animation is a growing industry and with an animation degree, you can be well prepared to enter the field.
  • Depending on what type of animation you are interested in, you can have varying options for a job. With an animation degree online, you can create animated films, do animation and create computer generated graphics for movies, the media and advertisements, create cartoons, corporate careers, computer games and several other animation career options as well.

Online Animation Programs – Skills Learnt

When pusuing online animation programs, a student will learn several important skills that they can successfully use after graduating with an animation degree. Examples of some skills that an animation degree will teach its students are:

  • Creating storyboards
  • Interacting with clients and team members
  • Traditional pencil and paper drawing
  • Computer animation software
  • 2D and 3D animation

The various skills a student can pick up from an animation degree online will create the base for a successful animation career.

Animation Degree Courses – Types

Animation is rapidly growing and as a result, the industry is varied and diversified. This has ensured animation degree courses are also diversified and students can choose from various animation degrees depending on their interests and their abilities. The basic types of animation and animation degrees are:

  • Cel Animation – This is traditional hand drawn animation with a set of drawings. Various drawings are created, each depicting the characters, objects or scenes in progressive motion.
  • Stop Motion Animation – This technique of animation is usually used to depict objects moving on their own. To explain it briefly – it is the process of creating a few drawings and then photographing them separately.
  • Computer Animation – This is increasinlgy becoming the most important type of animation and is very popular. It involves using computer software to either enhance cel animation or create brand new animation using technology. 2D and 3D animation fall into this category of animation.
  • 2D Animation – It is a computerized version of Cel animation and often makes use of scanning hardware as well as programs like Flash or PowerPoint.
  • 3D Animation – This is used most often in movies to create unusual or large objects such as a crowd of people or even mathematical objects.

Each of these types of animation can of course be further sub divided into more specialized areas but these are the basic types of animation degrees that will be available to a student.

An animation education will prepare future wannabe animators for their career by equipping them with the skills and the experience that are required for a successful career in animation. If you are interested in making a mark in this competitive field, consider an accredited course whether it be a diploma or an animation degree online.


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