Animal Training: How To Become An Animal Trainer

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If you are passionate about animals and want to do more than just being a dog groomer, you might want to consider a career as an animal trainer. Animal trainers enjoy close interaction with animals and are able to put their passion to use by enjoying a career that involves close involvement with animals.

Types Of Animal Trainers

There are a variety of animals out there, wild and domestic and hence for someone interested in becoming an animal trainer, there is plenty of opportunity as well. While dog training is definitely most popular career choice for an animal trainer, there are other  animal training options too. Some of the different types of animal trainers are:

  • Dog trainers
  • Dolphins and marine animal trainers
  • Circus animal trainers
  • Cat trainers
  • Service animal trainers (assistance dogs)
  • Bird trainers
  • Chicken trainers
  • Fish trainers

Animal Trainer’s Characteristics

If you would like to become an animal trainer, here are some of the characteristics that animal training professionals have in common:

  • Love and respect for animals
  • Patience for animals and their owners
  • Physical fitness
  • Perseverance
  • Good voice control

Popular Course: Dog Trainer’s Course

While marine animal and service animal training are very popular career choices, the most popular animal training course is the one for those looking to become dog trainers. Needless to say, these courses cannot be completed online as the trainer would have to learn via their interaction with the animals. Some courses train their students to become hobby dog trainers while others are more grueling and prepare you for a career in professional animal training.

Choose a course that is fully accredited, and you will learn not only how to train dogs but also how to train their owners and how to help them achieve the best out of their relationship. Dog trainers can also specialize as service animal trainers as dogs are the most commonly used service animals.

So if you fancy yourself as the next Cesar Milan and would like to become an animal trainer, do some research and find an animal training course that will give you the appropriate certification. You can then put your animal trainer certification and passion for animals to good use by training animals, not just as a hobby but as a career.

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