After School Programs for Children and Teens

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What is an After School Program?

With more and more parents having to work full time jobs, after school activities are becoming exceedingly popular. Not only do these after school programs offer educational and training options for children, it teaches them social skills, computers skills, engagement in community services and so on. It acts as a learning environment for children who can develop physically, as well as emotionally, in these after school centers.

Types of After School Programs and Training Options

Education and Training

The primary purpose of after school programs is to provide additional educational programs that are either unavailable or not adequately represented in their regular school activities. In these programs after school, children learn to become computer savvy, are helped with math advancement, and improve their reading and writing abilities. Often, book clubs and writing centers are organized within these after school centers.

Development of Social Skills

In this growing stage, it is very important for children to interact with all kinds of people in different environments to improve their social skills. These after school programs organize activities that train them as future leaders and instill confidence in them. Furthermore, ‘no drugs’ and ‘no alcohol’ training activities educate them on the harmful effects drug and alcohol abuse.

Community and Cultural Development

These after school centers encourage children to get involved in their community to instill a sense of humanity and passion within them. Programs such as Letters for Troops, food drives and Toys for Tots are only some of the wonderful activities they may be involved in. They are also encouraged to follow their passion and find their personal interests. Parents may then help the child pursue interests such as playing musical instruments, sports, painting and other activities that a child may take up during their time in these after school centers.

Importance of After School Activities

An after school program is extremely beneficial to a child’s well being and growth. The importance of these after school activities are clearly observed among children who have the opportunity to take advantage of these programs. The after school centers can:

  • Provide educational programs and after school tutoring that helps a child achieve academic success.
  • Benefit the entire community by combining development programs with appropriate after school activities.
  • Improve social development and keep the child on the right track, by instilling ethical behavior in them.
  • Develop a child’s interest in activities other than school and studies that form a greater part of their personality; such as dance, music, arts  and so on.
  • Most importantly, involve the child in such after school activities and keep them away from being bored by idling their time away doing things that may be harmful to them or to others in the community.

While school may be the most important influence on a child, after school activities are now becoming popular among parents who want their children to develop into strong individuals. These programs after school are designed to enhance a child’s overall personality and character. Through such guided help and activities, a child can grow into a more confident and well-rounded person.

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