Adult Education: Single Mothers Education Grants

With the economic crisis taking its toll across the world, single mothers hoping to return to college are having to put their plans on the backburner as they do not have access to the funds they needs. Whether it is a full time college degree, or an online program, working moms and single mothers are not considering higher education due to the costs involved in pursuing college degrees and diplomas.

To help ease the burden, the U.S. government and several private organizations are offering single mothers an opportunity for higher education by providing scholarships and grants especially for this bracket of the population. The aim is to encourage single mothers to pursue their continuing education dreams without having to put it off for fear of not being able to afford it. These student grants and scholarships cover a part or all of the costs involved in higher education, depending on the amount of money offered.

Grants for single moms are not any different to grants for other students. Some student grants are more general in nature while other education grants require the student to be enrolled in courses within a particular field of study.

Governments Grants For Single Moms

The US government makes a variety of student grants available to its citizens. Grants are available from federal agencies, organizations and even individuals. The amount of financial assistance offered by each grant varies. An educational grant for single mothers is not the same as a student loan. Unlike a student loan, students do not have to pay back the amount received in a grant.

It is however important to realize that qualifying for a government grant is very competitive. Millions of single mothers across the country will be applying for the same grant and candidates will require exceptional skills, qualifications and will have to demonstrate their need very well in order for them to receive the government student grant.

Private Student Grants For Single Moms

In addition to the variety of government educational grants available for single mothers, there are several private organizations and individuals that offer student grants and scholarships as well. Qualifying for a government grant may be hard but a private scholarship may be slightly easier.

Like a government grant, these student grants also do not have to be paid back and hence a single mother student does not have to worry about added expenses.

Single Mom Educational Grant Qualification

While each student grant or scholarship might have their own qualification criteria, some of the basic criteria you must satisfy are:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a social security number
  • Be enrolled or be approved to enroll in a higher education degree

Grant rewarders often consider the income of applicants as well and this sometimes can be disadvantageous to you as even if you are a single mother but your family is wealth, you may be denied the grant as the government believes your family will be able to support your education costs and hence someone else might need it more.

There are a variety of grants available, so you must do your research well to find the adult education student grant that is suited for your purposes and one that you have a good chance of qualifying for.

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