ADHD Tips: Study Tips for ADHD Children

ADHD or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is included in a class of mental disorders characterized by consistent problems in attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in an individual. This is a disorder that is usually diagnosed at a young age and ADHD children usually need as early an intervention as possible. Most children with ADHD can go to a traditional school without special learning accommodations, the reason why study tips and memory techniques for ADHD students would be a great help in their school work early on and later in life.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is classified under the spectrum of special learning needs because the condition makes learning very difficult for the individual. Learning cannot occur without attending to the educational activity, making it difficult for ADHD children to thrive in this kind of situation. It’s not as if they are really in control of their situation; ADHD students need as much support as possible for them to thrive on any kind of learning environment. Success stories abound given the same approach, making it truly possible for an ADHD child to perform to his full potential.

What are some approaches that we could do to help the ADHD child? Here are 5 ADHD tips that parents could employ for their children:

ADHD Tip #1: Routine is important

For children to be in control of their impulses, they need to be able to understand that not all things can be done at the same time. There’s a time for eating, playing, and for any of the numerous activities that a child may have. Having a daily routine teaches children to be able to predict the sequence of activities that would happen in a given day, allowing children to understand the concept of time and social behavior. We could see how this benefits an ADHD child: with a continuous daily routine, they learn to expect events and respond accordingly.

ADHD Tip #2: Maximize the activities of your child

Though routine does help children learn to curb their impulses, this isn’t a complete solution. We also have to know the best way to sequence activities so that the child could maximize his time during the day. As a general rule, an ADHD child should do the more strenuous activities first before moving on to something that requires more attention. For example, one could manage a child’s hyperactivity by first having him do gross-motor activities such as running and jumping before doing an educational task. This would allow them to shed their excess energy first so that they will be able to perform well enough later.

ADHD Tip #3: Use technology

Capitalize on current technologies to help your child. Instead of forcing a child to read a book, we could supplement his learning by having him view videos, documentaries, or even TV shows about his school topics. An mp3 player might also be useful for children who are more comfortable listening than watching videos. The trick here is to involve as many of the senses of the child as possible so that he’d be able to remember and retain the knowledge that he gained in class.

ADHD Tip #4: Work with the teachers

It’s very important that parents work in tandem with the school teachers and special education professionals. Since teachers only interact with the children only part of the time, parents should be kept updated about what happens in and around the classroom.

ADHD Tip #5: Do serious play

Learning is does not always involve sitting around doing serious work. Most of the time, children learn more through play; it helps to capitalize on the activities that interest the child. For example, if the child loves playing basketball, you can organize a bulletin board in the child’s study area with a basketball theme. You could design something like a scoreboard on this bulletin board and have the child “score” whenever he gets a perfect quiz or an excellent project.

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