ADHD Students: Helping ADHD College Students Learn Better

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorde (ADHD) is a disorder that affects many students. Their inability to concentrate for long periods of time couple with their hyperactivity and their restlessness often makes learning very difficult for ADHD students. However, students with ADHD need not shy away from learning and there is plenty of help available for an ADHD student. In order to help ADHD college students, it is important to first assess whether a student is afflicted by the disorder.

Student With ADHD – Common Symptoms

ADHD students often exhibit certain tell tale symptoms. Whether you are an ADHD student or know an ADHD college student in your class, keep a look out for some of these signs to help you spot a student with ADHD.

Classroom Symptoms

  • ADHD students often interrupt a teacher or other students. They also tend to answer out of turn.
  • Note taking is not an ADHD student’s best skill. They often have trouble keeping with the flow of a lecture and are unable to take notes efficiently.
  • An ADHD college student often has trouble working with too many instructions or commands as they are often unable to focus properly.

In addition to in class symptoms, as an ADHD student you might have some trouble with your homework as well.

Homework Symptoms

  • You may often forget important details about your homework and may even forget to submit your homework at times.
  • You might find yourself making mistakes with your homework.
  • You may have trouble concentrating while completing your homework.

Strategies For Student With ADHD

If you a are a student with ADHD, you need not lose hope as certain clever study strategies can help you as an ADHD student.

In Class

  • Instead of interrupting the teacher in class as soon as a thought strikes you, practice writing it down. You also need to practice raising your hand and slowing things down instead of going on your impulse.
  • Note taking is difficult, not just for ADHD students but sometimes even for students without ADHD. Instead of trying to keep up with the teacher by jotting down notes, bring a tape recorder to class, and make your notes at home at your own pace and time.
  • Lectures are a tough learning environment for ADHD students so explain to your teacher and ask for lecture notes or summaries of lectures which you can browse through to get an understanding of the lecture.
  • If you have trouble following instructions, try to jot them down by breaking them down into simple steps. You could also explain to your teacher that you are an ADHD students and ask them to give you more simple instructions to follow.


  • Since you already have trouble concentrating, it will not help if you study in an environment with distractions. One o the important study tips to keep in mind is to create a study environment at home that is quiet and peaceful with minimal opportunities for distraction.
  • If you keep making mistakes with your homework and missing out on details, then it is important you review your homework before submitting it. Reviewing it will give you a chance to correct your errors.

Do not lose heart. Making mistakes is not saying you are not intelligent, it is simply part of the package deal for an ADHD student. You might find yourself getting frustrated, but it is important to keep it together and stay patient for the sake of your studies.

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