Addiction Counseling Degree: Be an Addiction Counselor Online

I’m fortunate enough to have addictions that are relatively mundane. I’ve been ensconced in video games when I was a kid and was addicted to reading a couple of books but that was as far as I went. I’m not even the type to drink away sorrows, burying myself only in work and what needs to be done. I’ve been this way since high school, occupying myself only by reading textbooks and being focused in study.

This is not the same for others though, because for some people an addiction is something a lot more complex. Substance abuse, drinking, and gambling are just some things that could draw you in and once you get caught in it life changes for the worse. An addiction is an irrationally compelling entity, and with it the need for experts who could help you get away from its grip. This is the work of addiction counselors, psychology majors who specialize in substance abuse and addiction therapies.

What is an Addiction Counselor?

Not necessarily clinical psychologists nor the typical social worker, addiction counselors occupy an important niche in the mental health industry. An addiction counselor primarily works with clients who have extreme problems in any kind of addiction. Be it substance abuse, gambling, or even internet addiction, there is an addiction counselor who could help you out. They are the ones who work with programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and would be seen as having an important role in many in-patient therapy settings.

Working as addiction counselors are not really for the weak of heart though. Most of their clients have gone through much despair and hurt and they need to be skilled not only as experts in the field but as people of strong character to be able to go through their responsibilities. Since they are working a highly-specialized field, there’s literally no end to the kinds of situations they will be going to to face.

Online Degrees in Addiction Counseling

If the above descriptions did not deter you from considering a career in the field, then maybe you could enroll in an Addiction Counseling online degree. These are mostly graduate programs, and just like nursing majors most online programs in addiction counseling usually have an online, non-clinical component and a real-world internship. Aside from studying the general psychology majors, they will also be taking courses in group therapy, counseling, program design, and evaluation.

There are two online Master’s Degrees in Addiction Counseling that you could look into. Both the Grand Canyon University and the Capella University have MS in Addiction Counseling programs. If you’ve just graduated from high school, then a BS in Addiction from Grand Canyon University is a great choice. All online programs in addiction counseling prepare the students for state certification and gives them a head-start in the given career. Of course, taking a general track in Clinical Psychology, Mental Health Studies, and Counseling are also good programs for a would-be addiction counselor to start with.

Quick-Reference for Addiction Counseling:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: BS in Addiction Counseling (Grand Canyon University)

  • Masters Degree: MS Addiction Counseling (Grand Canyon University), MS Addiction Counseling (Capella University)

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